What is the 3RI Method?

The 3ri method

The 3RI Method is a simple concept that explains why a cosmetic product produces or does not produce any result after applying it to the skin or hair. 3RI stands for resolve, resist, react and ignore.

The basic premise of the 3RI Method is this:

When using any cosmetic product on your hair and skin, you should always expect one of the following results.

  1. Resolve — The product resolves the targeted problem as expected. For instance, your eyelashes grow longer.
  2. Resist — The product does not produce any result after the first few attempts. But it eventually works if you persist.
  3. React — The product causes your body to react negatively. For example, you develop a serious case of allergic reaction.
  4. Ignore — The product does not produce neither a positive nor a negative result. The product is either defective, or the body outright rejects it.

Our inclination when we try a cosmetic product that does not work is often to blame the product.

But according to the 3RI Method, the product is not always the cause for the lack of positive results.

It is true that defective products often fall through the crack of even the most rigorous quality control system of a factory. However, our skin plays a role we seldom think about.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It regulates and protects everything on the inside. Its role in keeping us safe is of extreme importance.

Therefore, when applying any substance to the body, remember that the skin can either resolve, resist, react, or ignore the substance.

To put it simply, if the product is not defective, it should probably work. If it does not work, then know that the skin could be one of the factors inhibiting your success.

NOTE: The 3RI Method is a concept developed specifically for Wegany. Link to this page if you wish to incorporate this concept to your website and posts.

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